-HOPE in the CARES Act: Protect Employees, Small Business, and Franchisees in the COVID-19 Crisis. Sight the Petition now!

-Advocating for Fair Franchising standards across various Franchising industries (such as Restaurants, Hotels, Cleaning Companies, Residential Services, Commercial Services, etc.)

-Make connections with Key Decision Makers on Local, State, and National level

-Support Franchisees, their Small Business Employees, Store Owners, and Franchisee Operators

-Educate and share common experiences with a community of Franchisees

-Small Businesses power the American Economy. And it’s our mission to educate consumers, lawmakers, and communities on the current challenges Franchisees face

-Franchisees are LOCAL. They are the actual store owner, hotel manager, family that runs the deli… and they support their communities in all different ways: sponsoring Little Leagues, contributing to Food Banks, supporting their Employee’s personal needs, and providing Jobs for thousands of families.