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Our Mission

We serve our members and the small business community, by advancing and protecting America’s small businesses, franchisees, employees, and their communities.

About IAF

IAF is an assocation of business owners who represent the interests of Franchisees, Franchisee employees, and the many thousands of families who depend on small business. Hotels, restaurants, C-Stores, Nightlife… all depend on the efforts of small business owners and families working together, earning together, and growing together.  IAF members are core contributors in virtually all communities.

And IAF is proud to work to provide a voice and represent the best interests of these franchisees, communities, and thousands of families.

Our Partners

We and our members work with state associations, industry leaders, suppliers, business owners, tourism burueas, and governments (state, local, national) to help businesses increase profitability, drive community improvement, and long-term employee development.

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